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With the ever changing situation with Covid 19 and the Coronavirus, we’ve put together some information and news items to help guide you and your business back to work. We’ll also share useful information about our range of protective screens and partitions. Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Creating a Covid-19 secure workspace

If you are planning to re-open your business then as an employer you have a legal responsibility to protect your workforce and visitors from any risk to their health and safety. Read more

Why does a protection screen protect against COVID-19?

The main method of transmission of Coronavirus is through droplets in the air from coughs and sneezes. A sneeze screen positioned in front of a receptionist or cashier acts as a barrier to these airborne droplets and separates those who may already have the virus from uninfected people. Read more

Sneeze Guards : Plastic vs Glass – Which is best?

When developing our COVID-19 Glass Shields we carried out some research to determine the best materials to use, Tempered glass or Plexiglass? Read more

What type of safety screen works for you?

Office dividers and partitions have been in use for many years to divide up workspaces, provide privacy and reduce noise however during the virus pandemic they have a far more important role to play – safeguarding people against the risk of contamination and transmission of the Coronavirus. Read more

Protective Screen Uses

Why use our glass protection screens?

Need to get your business back up and running after the lockdown? Here’s why you should choose Premier Protection Glass Screens. Read more