Creating a Covid-19 secure workspace

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If you are planning to re-open your business then as an employer you have a legal responsibility to protect your workforce and visitors from any risk to their health and safety. Whilst you cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19, you should carry out a risk assessment of your premises and do everything reasonably practicable to minimise the risk of transmission.
Creating a Covid-19 secure workspace
There has been much advice from the government about how an employer can take steps to keep everyone safe and restart operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic one of which is to implement the use of screens or barriers to separate people from one another in communal workspaces.

In many workspaces, it is simply not possible to reconfigure the layout to ensure that workstations are at least two metres apart and in these circumstances, a physical barrier such as a protection screen to separate people from each other is a practical solution.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Premier Protection Screen has developed a range of stylish screen dividers which can be used in almost any environment to provide a shield between people who need to be within close proximity to each other for any period of time. Our screens are made of high-quality safety glass which means that visibility is not compromised. Protection screens can be desk mounted or free-standing and configured to meet your requirements in terms of desk size and layout. We also offer customisation with framed and unframed options, RAL Colours, clear, frosted, fluted and tinted glass options and even the opportunity to personalise screens with your company name or logo.

Our protection screens are manufactured here in the UK with fast delivery times and easy installation. We also offer a significant discount for larger orders.