What type of safety screen works for you?

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Office dividers and partitions have been in use for many years to divide up workspaces, provide privacy and reduce noise however during the virus pandemic they have a far more important role to play – safeguarding people against the risk of contamination and transmission of the Coronavirus.
Safeguarding people against the risk of contamination and transmission of the Coronavirus
But what type of safety screen do you need? How quickly can you get counter screens installed so your business can operate safely? Is it going to be safe to get someone in to install your desktop safety screens? With demand high will you be able to get hold of a suitable glass desk screen and will they have immediate availability to install them for you?

Premier Protection Screens offer a high-quality solution, manufactured in the UK and supplied to you with fast dispatch and delivery times, and the virus protection screens are quick and easy to assemble yourself.

The type of screen you will need will depend on the nature of your business and the size and layout of your environment. Our range of COVID-19 protection screens has been designed to cover all bases.

We offer protective screens for single workstations or office desk solutions, alongside more complex combinations of Covid 19 protection screens for larger desks and desk arrangements. We also have a range of freestanding protective screens.

The Premier Protection Screen range includes Framed Protector Screens and Frameless Screens.