Why does a protection screen protect against COVID-19?

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The main method of transmission of Coronavirus is through droplets in the air from coughs and sneezes. A sneeze screen positioned in front of a receptionist or cashier acts as a barrier to these airborne droplets and separates those who may already have the virus from uninfected people.

Our protection shields are made from safety glass and comply with BS EN12150-01-2015. These high-quality, elegantly designed COVID-19 protection screens will provide people with the confidence that their safety is considered paramount. Whilst there will be a physical barrier our protection screen solutions can be customised to look great in your chosen environment; as if it’s always been there.

There are many places where a virus protection guards can be used to provide protection and give reassurance to colleagues and customers alike. A screen can be installed on a desk or counter such as a cashier point, reception desk, or shop counter. Pharmacies, retailers, and leisure facilities all have public-facing staff and the need to provide protection from Coronavirus.

We also have a range of free-standing virus protection screens which can be instantly re-positioned providing great flexibility.